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" We were Strangers first, Then We Became Friends, Then One day again we will become Strangers again and then again we will meet as Friends.....and this cycle goes on...."

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Artist: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Album : It's a Wonderful After Life

Track : Tere Bin Nahin Lagda


For my beloved, a beautiful song by Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

पूछ काले बदलान तो
सीने विच आग लगे
लंग गैया कई बरसाता
तुरगयो साजना नींदरा खो के
जाग के कटियाँ रातां
अविजा न सता
वास्ता प्यार  का
ऐ रुत्तन 
मुर्र नै आनीय  
तेरे बिन, 
तेरे बिन नहीं लगदा दिल मेरा ढोलना…….

English Translations :

Ask the black clouds
how the fire in my chest still burns,
yet many monsoons have passed

You have gone away
after snatching away all my sleep
I’ve spent my nights awake
Come back,
don’t test me,
for the sake of love,
Sweetheart, these times(seasons) are not going to come back

Without you,
My heart is not at peace without you my love…..

From my heart to You, Prema….. :)

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